Data Reporting Issues:

Maternal Mortality:

The release of ICD-10 in 1999 initiated a change by NCHS in the definition (ICD codes) used for maternal mortality / maternal mortality ratio (ICD–10 codes A34, O00–O95, and O98–O99) which excluded death 43 days-1 year after delivery (Hoyert DL. Maternal mortality and related concepts. National Center for Health Statistics. Vital Health Stat 3(33). 2007). Maternal Mortality Ratios for 1999 to 2012 were updated to reflect this change 12.02.2014, however no change in counts was observed for 1999-2002. The updates primarily affected years 2010-2012. Therefore old reports using OASIS 2002-2012 Maternal Mortality Numbers or Rates before 12.02.2014 may have different numbers and rates.

2008 to 2015 Maternal Mortality Ratios:

Since 2008, there has been a sharp increase in Unknown race in Birth data, which had the predominant effect of lowering the number of White births. This effect has been seen nationwide and is associated with the use of the “2003 revision” of the birth certificate (introduced in GA in mid-2007). After consultation with NCHS, we implemented their imputation rule for Unknown race on 1/10/2017.

What effect will this have? Statewide this correction has the effect of decreasing White Maternal Mortality Ratios by 3.5 (relatively more White births in the denominator). While this is not a major effect statewide, there will be local variations that are larger.

The correction is most pronounced in 2008, but lessens in subsequent years, and for most indicators disappears in 2015.

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