Behavior Category

OASIS Web Query - Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS)

OASIS BRFSS WEB QUERY TOOL: Create Tables of State and District Level Public Health Statistics and Indicators.
In this tool, you choose which behavioral risk statistics to display in your data tables.

OASIS (Online Analytical Statistical Information System) is a suite of tools used to access the Department of Public Health's standardized health data repository. With this tool you can obtain Georgia behavioral risk factor survey statistics for the year 2000 to the latest year, choosing from a set of measures such as year, behavior categories and behaviors.

Trending BRFSS Data

BRFSS 2011 data should be considered a baseline year for data analysis and is not directly comparable to previous years of BRFSS data because of the changes in weighting methodology and the addition of the cell phone sampling frame. BRFSS data after 2011 should only be compared to 2011 and later.