Data Reporting Issues:

2008 Death Data:

Due to collection and processing issues that were beyond our control, there may be some mis-match between cause of death and demographics.

2013 Death Data:

Race assignment for out-of-state Georgia residents overestimated the category multi-racial. Once corrected, the number of White and Black or African-American deaths increased 4.3% and 2.9% respectively. Overall numbers and rates were not affected. This update occurred 9.14.2015.

All Years Death Data:

Hispanic Ethnicity is most likely under-reported on the death certificate. Several studies conducted in different states indicate that there may be under-reporting of Hispanic ethnicity on death certificates. A cursory review of linked Georgia data shows a 35% decrease from Hispanic-at-birth to Non-Hispanic at death, and a 25% decrease from Hispanic-mother-during-delivery to Non-Hispanic at death.

Content Version 02/23/2017