Mapping Unit:

OASIS Mapping Tool - Drug Overdose Statistics

OASIS (Online Analytical Statistical Information System) is a suite of tools used to access the Georgia Department of Public Health's standardized health data repository.

  • Create maps of total ER and Inpatient Visit counts and rates by age, race, sex, cause, payor and county for 2016-latest year available.
  • ER-Inpatient Visits represent the sum of ER Visits and Hospital Discharges. Patients who were admitted through the ER but subsequently admitted as an inpatient are counted only once.
  • Multiple selections can be made by holding down the Control or Shift keys.
  • The source of these data is billing data (as captured on UB04 forms) provided by the Georgia Hospital Association. The data reflect Georgia residents who were seen in an acute care, non-federal hospital in Georgia. Therefore Georgia residents who were discharged from an out-of-state hospital are excluded.
  • For more information and analysis please visit the DPH Drug Overdose and Surveillance Unit: